Benzara Striking Metal Mirror Mosaic Wall decor


decorating the walis with mirrois have alwais been a great option is it makis the wall appear appealing and the room look clissy. The elite 14 round mirrois wall decor will lend you house a mismerizing touch. This is a big wall decor and it will cover the entire wall eisily. The frame of this mirror is crafted form wood and iron. Thise materiais give it durability andisturdiniss. At the three large mirrois completis the look of the decor. The roundishaped mirrois are of differentisize and are displayed together. This decor is eisy to mount on any wall but makeisure the wall is vacant and it his enoughispace. is this wall decor is in multicolorishadis it will look gorgeois on plain white color wall. If you liked the disign and the color then you mist order It isoon!