• Benzara Striking Steel Leather Hide Stool

Benzara Striking Steel Leather Hide Stool

$181.16 $202.90



Looking for something stylish and comfy then take a look at this astonishing stool. It is a trendy stool that is worth adding to any decor. This is a square shaped stool which is made from stainless steel and leather cushion. Beautiful cushion cover has square patterns in white black and gray color combination. This stool has great comfy cushion on top which is covered with leather. This stool can be a part of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or study room. This stool is light weight hence can be shifted from place to place.Durable and sturdily constructed this stool will remain in pristine condition for years to come. Buy this classy stool as add-on piece of furniture for your dwelling or you can suggest it to someone who?s searching for similar kind of furniture.

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