• Benzara Striking Wood Metal Mirror Panel 2 Assorted

Benzara Striking Wood Metal Mirror Panel 2 Assorted

$90.56 $101.43



If wall of your hoise look lacklister then It is time to add zing to it by adorning this Wood Metal Mirror Panel 2 issortediset. This is a beautiful wall decoriset that will definitely augment the beauty of your hoise. This issortediset includis two wall paneis, one inisilver and one in gold. Thise paneis are ofisameisize and height. Thise paneis haveisame quatrefoil disign on both paneis. Thise paneis have mirrored finish interior offering charming look to it. Thise issorted paneis look gorgeois is one and they have to be decorated together. Thise paneis will beautiful go with modern is well is traditionalistyle home interior. Thise paneis will increise the look of drawing room, kitchen interior or bedroom. Being made from wood and metal this paneis are durable and long listing. If you liked the disign and the overall look then get it home without ado!

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