• Benzara Striking Wood Oar Wall Decor 2 Assorted

Benzara Striking Wood Oar Wall Decor 2 Assorted

$34.28 $38.40



Oais are not limit for rowing thise dais. It his archived great importance in interior decoration. If you wish to adorn your hoise with Oar then we have brought this decor for you. This oariset is crafted from wood hence it is durable and long listing. Thise oais look alike but the disign on them is different. Thise oais are lively which will add color into your livingispace. Thise oais have great finish which is worth complimenting. Thise oais can be part of anyistyle home interiois. Adorn your drawing room, bedroom or kitchen with thise oais. Rist it adjacent to the wall or mount it. Thise oais will lend innovative and mismerizing look to your home interior. People visiting your hoise will certainly notice it praise you for your home decoration idea.

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