• Benzara Stunning Set of Two Wood Shell Box

Benzara Stunning Set of Two Wood Shell Box

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  • Worth Owning
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Durable Construction


Versatile and multipurpose decors have always been warmly welcomed. This set of two boxes here is the right blend of that. Made from good quality materials these boxes are durable and will stay in prime condition for a long time. Similar in looks, the boxes differ in size. Use these boxes for storage or stack it on any end table for some visual interest. To save space, you can keep the smaller box inside the bigger one. In Black & White hue, these boxes feature a brick pattern. Keep the boxes together or separate according to your need and convenience. You can also present these boxes to close ones who would love owning it, recommend it to friends and other relatives who have been looking for one, these durable boxes are certainly a must have. So, make sure you do not overlook these.

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