Benzara Stylish and Unique Ceramic Vase 3 Assorted


  • Product Measures (inches): 5x3x8; 5x5x8; 4x4x8
  • Color: Navy-blue
  • Made from quality materials

If you are looking for vases that have a sense of distinction about them then you needn’t search further. These are vases that will stand out amidst other vases, simply because they are so uniquely well designed. All three vases have different shapes and come in a navy blue color. Made using quality materials, they will last in topnotch condition for years to come. Their shape is what distinguishes them from each other and their color is what unites them. You can keep these vases for display in a set, or you can keep them separately in different rooms. With or without flowers they will look topnotch. Red roses, white tulips, or even daffodils, all will look a million dollars in them. These vases can also be made into a very wonderful gift for near and dear ones on special occasions. Surely something akin to them will be quite difficult to find. They beauty and charm is timeless, like art. So get them today.