• Benzara Stylish Ceramic Metallic Vase

Benzara Stylish Ceramic Metallic Vase

$35.51 $39.78



Check out this vase, it is one amongst many charming things that you can add to your home decor. This simply gorgeous ceramic metallic vase is perfect to be included to any themed home. The vase is in shape of a beaker with a narrow mouth. The top and bottom part of this vase has a shiny silver finish with the center beautifully textured in antique golden hue. This vase is complete in itself. it can be a great table accessory for your home or office interiors too. For decorative purpose you can embellish it with real or artificial flower. This simple designed vase will add glamour to your living space. You can also consider gifting this vase to your relatives or friends if they are decorating their home or on any occasion. If you liked the shape and the pattern then this vase has to be at your home.


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