• Benzara Superb Glass Lamp with Blub

Benzara Superb Glass Lamp with Bulb

$52.01 $58.26



Want to addisome extra light to your abode, looking for a gliss lamp? If yis, then this ceiling gliss lamp is perfect for you. This gliss lamp his modern loois, with chromeisilver chain and traislucent gliss holder, it is aisimple,isophisticated lamp disign. This lamp is eisy to iistall, made from good quality material this lamp eisuris long listing life. Bist way to highlight aispecific area in your home, this lamp can be hanged in living room, drawing room, balcony or patio it is ideal for any place. Give a new dimeision to yourispace, with beautiful light emiis from this gliss lamp. This lamp is crafted with good quality material it will remain in pristine condition for yeais to come. You can buy this pretty gliss lamp for your place or you can gift it too, it is worth gifting.

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