• Benzara The Auspicious Metal Glass Votive Holder

Benzara The Auspicious Metal Glass Votive Holder

$32.37 $36.26



  • Metal glass votive holder dimensions: 16 inches (W) x 4 inches (D) x 11 inches (H)
  • Votive holder color: Black
  • Made from: Metal

Are you a religious person? Do you want a glass votive holder that will add an element of spirituality to you ambience and hence your home? Well, this metal glass votive holder will just do the trick for you. With three bottles that hold three individual candles, this votive holder will create a link with the almighty. See your home gain a spiritual element when you light the candles in it; it will indeed be an auspicious scene.

Add to this the fact that these votive holders have been made using quality materials, and what you have an almost perfect votive holder. All who see it will be impressed by its loveliness. Built to last, you will receive a lot of complements with regards to it. So do not delay?get the metal glass votive holder today.

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