• Benzara The Handy Set of 3 Metal Wire Basket

Benzara The Handy Set of 3 Metal Wire Basket

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  • Metal wire basket dimensions: 15 inches (W) x 15 inches (D) x 16 inches (H); 12 inches (W) x 12 inches (D) x 14 inches (H); 10 inches (W) x 10 inches (D) x 12 inches (H)
  • Drawers color: Gray, White and Black
  • Made from: Metal

Have you been searching for a set of baskets you can use for various tasks? Well, the set of 3 metal wire baskets is one such set that will come in handy while doing many things. Depending on the size you could use each for a different purpose. The smaller one can be used as a trash bin after lining it with, say, a plastic bag. The large one can be used to collect dirty laundry. Their uses can be myriad.

Additionally, their simply built makes them very attractive. Plus, they have been made from quality materials; this ensures that they won?t be affected by the elements. Indeed the set of metal wire basket is a product that every house wife would love to have. So consider getting them today.

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