• Benzara The Impactful Fiberglass Wall Clock

Benzara The Impactful Fiberglass Wall Clock

$202.67 $227.00



  • Fiberglass wall clock dimensions: 36 inches (W) x 6 inches (D) x 43 inches (H)
  • Fiberglass wall clock color: Brown with white wash
  • Made from: Fiberglass

Are you looking for a wall clock that looks as if it has arrived from the 19th century? Looking for a wall clock that will stun one and all with its aged beauty? Well, here is one such wall clock whose beauty is all the more exemplary because of its rustic and aged look. With a dial that is brown, and having roman numerals, this wall clock has a frame that has a white wash with that white peeling off. All this adds to create the effect of seniority.

Indeed this watch is senior?but only in looks. Otherwise it is brand new and made from quality materials; this ensures that it will last in tiptop condition for years to come. Perfect for the home with traditional themes; this can also make a wonderful gift. Indeed, it will create its own trend: such is its beauty.

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