• Benzara The Jolly Set of 2 Wood Vinyl Box

Benzara The Jolly Set of 2 Wood Vinyl Box

$24.67 $29.82



  • Wood vinyl box dimensions: 8 inches (W) x 8 inches (D) x 8 inches (H); 7 inches (W) x 7 inches (D) x 7 inches (H)
  • Wood vinyl box color: Assorted
  • Made from: Wood

Are you a happy-go-lucky sort of person? Do you love colors and desire that your home be colorful and bright? Well, if you answered in the affirmative then you will love these wood vinyl boxes. In what are boxes that have colorful floral designs; these boxes come in a pair. Perfect for keeping things you treasure from yesteryears like your letters and photos, or a gift someone give you; these boxes can enliven your d‚cor and hence spruce up your ambience.

All who see them will be delighted, bringing a smile to their face. A perfect gift for girls and women: these boxes will make them feel like they are on the moon. A perfect birthday gift, these boxes will only add joy. So do not delay; they are a must have for many: they will make one and all jolly.

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