Benzara The Simple and Exceptional Wood Metal Wagon Wheel


  • Wood metal wagon wheel dimensions: 50 inches (W) x 6 inches (D) x 50 inches (H)
  • Wood metal wagon wheel color: Brown with white wash
  • Made from: Wood, Metal

Are you looking for an impressive piece of decor item? Looking for something that is exceptional as a decor item, and that would not be displayed in most homes? Well, the wood metal wagon wheel might just be the product that takes your fancy. Fairly large in size, this wagon wheel can be attached to a wall in your living room or you passage way and there it will add uniqueness to your decor. It will also be symbolic of the inventions man has made throughout history.

Made from quality wood and metal, this wagon wheel will last with your for ages to come. It will generate different felling in different people. Indeed that is its USP and charm. Perfect for the modern home or even the traditional; this wagon wheel can also make a great gifting item. It is definitely a simple and exceptional decor item.