• Benzara The Simple Stainless Steel Leather Wine Cooler

Benzara The Simple Stainless Steel Leather Wine Cooler

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  • Stainless steel leather wine cooler dimensions: 15 inches (W) x 11 inches (D) x 14 inches (H)
  • Wine cooler color: Silver
  • Made from: Stainless steel, leather

Do you love tasting wines? Well, whether you are you a connoisseur or an amateur, you will agree that a wine cooler is an item that is essential for all wine lovers. Well, now you needn?t look further for a wine cooler because this stainless steel leather wine cooler is a perfect creation that will cool your wines like never before.

Made simply from stainless steel, this wine cooler has leather handles for easy lifting and carrying. Additionally, the material that has gone in its manufacturing is of quality; this gives this cooler a long life and better ability to cool wines. A perfect gift for someone who is just starting out in the art of wine appreciation; this wine cooler will add that extra bit of quality to your wine. Surely, this is a must have for all wine lovers.

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