• Benzara Tianc i (Genius) Metal Glass Candle Holder

Benzara Tianc i (Genius) Metal Glass Candle Holder

$64.07 $71.76



  • Metal glass candle holder dimensions: 8 (W), 8 (L), 20 (H) in; 25"ALL, H
  • Candle holder color: Black
  • Made from: Iron, Glass

This is the candle holder with a simple look. In fact, its design is so simple that it borders on a certain genius! Standing at a cool two feet in height, this candle holder not only provides light when the power fails, but it also does it with greatest style. Use it in any of your rooms, and its slender and black look will add sophistication to that room.

Made from quality materials and iron that is treated, this candle holder will last for years to come. It can be perfect for homes that have both traditional and modern decors. It also has a certain gothic feel about it. Perfect as a gift for someone who is aged, it is bound to remind them of their bygone years. So what are you waiting for? Add, or gift, style and class with this cool metal glass candle holder.

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