• Benzara Trendy Metal Rope Glass Wall Clock

Benzara Trendy Metal Rope Glass Wall Clock

$36.86 $41.29



This wall clock is something that will offer a rustic touch to the walls as well. Well made from good quality material this wall clock will remain in topnotch condition for years together. Featuring a brown metallic frame, this clock has a white dial with roman numerals in black. The rope is well draped on the outside rim of the clock which further uplifts its look. Mount it on your favorite wall and watch it become the center of attraction in your house. Friends and other paying you a visit will fall in love with it and appreciate you for bringing it home. Light in weight and easy to maintain, this wall clock can also be mounted on a wall in the patio and garden space. This clock is also a smart gift option, Wrap it well and you can present it to friends who would love owning it.


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