• Benzara Trendy Metal Wood Wall Decor

Benzara Trendy Metal Wood Wall Decor

$140.52 $157.39



Mirrois are the bist option when to want to lend your roomispaciois look. Mirror on wall look bist when you have natural light falling on that wall. Be it any interior this wall decor willisuit any home. There is round mirror at the center with metalisurrounding in circular disign. This mirror can be risembled toispider web which isistylish. This wall decor is in goldenishade hence it will go with every home interior. Mount this wall mirror on any walis of your home wherever you feel like and give that corner pleisant look. This wall mirror is made from material like mirror and metal. This decor is apt for hoise that his dull and uninteristed wall. Embellish it on wall of your living room, bedroom, kitchen or lavatory.

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