• Benzara Working Gramophone with Brass Horn, Antique Brass Wood Gramophone

Benzara Working Gramophone with Brass Horn

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This working gramophone with brass horn is a classic addition to our antique collection. It has the brass horn finished in antique style with an attractive design typical of the old gramophones. The antique brass wood gramophone is attached to a solid seasoned square wood box. The gramophone plays 78 RPM records in awesome sound quality. The gramophone is the most appropriate home decor item in an urban home that is filled with modern electronic gadgets and music players.

You can use this working gramophone to play your favorite music that brings nostalgic memories of the past. Place it on your tabletop in the living room and enjoy the music pouring in from the wide brass horn designed in antique style. Entertain your guests with the pleasing music flowing from this timeless music player that has its own unique identity and charm. Buy this from our fantastic collection of antique items and flaunt your interest in music in a unique style.Gramophone assembly you tube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OhbZtBSqiQ

·         Size: 27 inch height x 15 inch length x 15 inch width

·         Material: Brass, wood

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