• Big Cat like White Ceramic Dog

Big Cat like White Ceramic Dog

$26.05 $31.16


  • This beautiful artifact measures 9.22 inch (W) ?5.32 inch (D) ? 5.79 inch (H)
  • Yellowish White appearance
  • It can take the central position among the artifacts

It is easy to guess that it looks like a big cat when you see it for first! Although small in size, it has a globular body with every aspect seen clearly. The ceramic dog piece is in the sitting position and if you look closely it resembles a sitting big cat! Surprised! It has average like regular ears. On its face, it has moustache like hairy structure and also large eyeballs like the big cats possess. It has skin folding like structures all over its body.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get one for your living room. Let it take its position as a king in your house. It?s easy to clean and maintain. When you observe the artifact properly, you can see that it eyes are such that as if it?s looking at someone with some hidden intention. Isn?t it a quality like big cats? You can gift this king sized ceramic dogs to your friends and family.


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