• Brass Horn Gramophone Phonograph, Working Brass Wood Gramophone

Brass Horn Gramophone Phonograph and Brass Wood Gramophone

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The classic brass horn gramophone phonograph is an excellent antique collectible for your home. The gramophone is attached to a square wood base. The gramophone is fully functional. It plays 78 RPM records with excellent sound quality. The classic working replica gramophone is an invaluable device to keep your past memories afresh. Place it on your table and invite all eyes towards it. This working brass wood gramophone is an excellent gift item for someone who is fond of music.

The classic working replica gramophone in real-life size enriches your room with the elegance of old music. Enjoy your favorite music on a fresh and romantic evening surrounded by silence. The beautiful music flowing through this magical instrument will arouse the musician in you. The brass wood gramophone has a wide brass horn in golden finish. The square box wooden base in solid wood finish enhances its authentic look. This working gramophone in brass wood is a classic home decor item for your living room. Gramophone assembly link at you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OhbZtBSqiQ

·         Size: 27 inch height x 15 inch L x 15 inch W.

·         Material: Metal and wood

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