Brass Porthole Cover With Mirror Nautical Accents -Benzara

A porthole on a ship may also be called a side scuttle or side scuttle. The use of the word _scuttle_ instead of _porthole_ is meant to be broad, including any covered or uncovered hole in the side of the vessel. A porthole consists of at least two structural components and is, in its simplest form, similar to any other type of window in design and purpose. The porthole is primarily a circular glass disk encased in a metal frame, usually made of brass, and is bolted securely to the side of a ship_s hull. Sometimes the glass disk of a porthole is encased in a separate frame, also made of brass, which is hinged onto the base frame so that it can be opened and closed. In addition, many portholes have metal storm covers that can be securely fastened to the window when necessary. Occasionally, a mirror is mounted on the outside of the cover for viewing oneself. This mirror is particularly popular when it is used as a home decor. This is the perfect home decor for someone with memorable experiences on a ship,

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