• Captivating Marble Mortar and Pestle

Captivating Marble Mortar and Pestle

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This device will take you back to the good olden times where it was used to crush and grind ingredients into a powder or paste form. Made from good quality marble, this Mortar and Pestle is one such which you would love to bring home not just because of its uses but for its looks as well. In a white hue, you can use it in the kitchen for grinding ingredients and medicine. You can also display it on tabletops and countertops as a decor. This device can also be used to crush medicinal herbs as and when required.Light in weight, you can keep changing its place according to your need and convenience. This device can be well maintained by regularly cleaning it with a soft damp cloth. Recommend it to close ones who have been looking for a device like this one. They would indeed like it and appreciate your thoughtful suggestion.

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