• Ceramic Open Valve Clam Seashell on Coral Pedestal

Ceramic Open Valve Clam Seashell on Coral Pedestal

$57.78 $64.72




Are you fond of seashells, You must then bring home this open valve clam seashell on coral pedestal decor. A decor which will remind you of the ocean is something which will inspireevery nautical lover. Made from ceramic it will last in good condition for many years. It features a glossy white finish. Well detailed the wavy pattern makes it look adorable. Keep this decor as it on tabletops or any unusedecorners and it will not go unnoticed. You can also decorate it by keeping colorful stones and flower petals. Keep it in the center of the patio area by keeping floating candles during parties and other celebrations. Every guest will go wow and envy your choice.

As the base is flat you need not think twice before keeping it on any surface. If your garden area looks pale add life to it by placing this clam seashell decor.

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