• Ceramic Pigeon Large - Gray

Ceramic Pigeon Large - Gray

$37.84 $42.39




There is numerous ways with which you can adorn this ceramic pigeon. It can be embellished inside or outside your home. This pigeon figurine available here is crafted from quality ceramic so that it remains in good condition for long. Further is dyed in gray hues and has glossy finish. This pigeon figurine is quite creatively craved hence the craftsmanship is worth complimenting. This pigeon is designed in sitting position with feather stretched. This cute pigeon figurine will captivate everyone?s attention with its charm.

You can adorn this figurine in your living room bedroom study or kitchen area. Beautify it on tabletops wall shelves window railing kitchen counter etc. If your kids adore this bird you can adorn their room with couple of these figurines. This pigeon figurine can be part of outdoor sitting area. You can place it on garden table near fountain area or on rocks in your backyard.


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