• Ceramic Standing British Bulldog - Black

Ceramic Standing British Bulldog - Black

$36.06 $40.39




Boost the ambiance of your living area by bringing home this astounding ceramic BrIt ish bulldog. This beautiful bulldog decor is made from good quality ceramic which will stay in prim conditions for years to come. This bulldog figurine is ideal to be placed on any tabletops in the living room bedroom or hallways which would blend seamlessly with your home interiors. Designed to perfection this bulldog is in shades of black with a glossy finish to looks attractive. This bulldog is in a standing position which appears fabulous and close to the real one. Your friends or relatives who are animal lovers can be gifted with this alluring bulldog decor.

Relatives will certainly adore it and are sure to shower you with compliments on your distinctive choice. So if you are fond of animals go and buy it as soon as possible!


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