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  • CERAMIC VASE 9"W, 15"H

Ceramic Vase 9"W, 15"H By Benzara

$29.00 $38.94

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Make a bold statement with this classic Ceramic Vase. Eye-catching and stunning in design, this ceramic vase serves as a sophisticated vessel for decorative purpose. Classic in looks, it holds enough design to stand alone as a purely decorative accent piece. Made from pure quality ceramic, this vase is colored in natural brown and white color. Its unique color makes it apt for classic home decor style. You can put it inside a vintage wooden show case or in the corner of your living room. Put it anywhere, it will surely compliment its surrounding.

Since it is light in weight, you can easily move this vase according to your needs. Put some fresh flowers in it and it will surely be the centre of attraction in your house. Easy to clean, this classic vase is perfect for you if you are looking for something to enhance your house interior. So get this piece of art and let It is erve your for years to come.


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