• Ceramic Vase Large Textured Gloss Light Brown

Ceramic Vase Large Textured Gloss Light Brown

$37.09 $41.59



Home represents the character and personality of people who stay inside. When you see house decorated with fresh flowers you can feel the liveliness breathe in. If you wish the same ambiance for your home you need to adorn it with beautiful flower vase. This vase is well crafted in rectangular shape and is made up of quality ceramic so that it stays in prime condition for long. Further this vase is dyed in white hue and has textured design all over. The vase will complement both modern as well as conventional style home if used properly. Not just home this vase can be part to office decor as well.

Turn this vase into flower vase or keep stationery?s. This vase can be decked on tabletops wall shelves kitchen counter mantel etc. If you have liked this vase you must get it as soon as possible.


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