• Challenging Fiberglass Steer Trophy Head

Challenging Fiberglass Steer Trophy Head

$74.78 $83.76



If You Want To Add Oomph To A Wall In Your Home Then This Fiberglass Steer Trophy Head Is The Creation That You Should Think Of Getting. A Most Bold And Fierce Creation, This Steer Head Indeed Will Challenge Anyone And Everyone Who Looks At It. Guests No Doubt Will Be Impressed. It Will Even Give The Scare To Some But In A Novel And Unique Way. Its Horns That Are In A Brown Are Fierce And Stand Out From Its Face.This Fiberglass Steer Can Also Be Made Into A Great Gifting Item Too. It Will Be Perfect For Personalities Who Love Challenges. Also, It Has Been Made Using Quality Materials; This Ensures That It Will Last In Great Condition For Years To Come. So Add The Surprise Factor To Your Decor?Get This Fierce Fiberglass Steer Trophy Head Today.

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