• Chelsey Round Tubs - Set of 3

Chelsey Round Tubs - Set of 3

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This set of three tubs is highly functional and perfect for every home. This set includes three different sizes of tubs. Being made from iron sheet it?s sturdy and long lasting. The base of these tubs is painted in assorted colors. These tubs have rope handle on both ends for easy conveyance. This set is of great use when you have a lush green farm you can go around collecting vegetables or plucking fruits in these tubs. If you?re planning to embellish it in your living room you can add artificial fillers inside. Or if you want to decorate your garden then fill it with attractive pebbles inside which will add uniqueness to your decor. When you?re planning for a party or family get together you can keep chilled bottles of beverages inside these tubs which will be filled with ice cubes. It will look presentable as well as make your guests feel happy.

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