• Chic Metal Acrylic Sculptures Set of 3

Chic Metal Acrylic Sculptures Set of 3

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Homes are usually decorated with figurine, vase, decorative jar, wall clock, photo frame etc. If you are looking to break the trend, then take a look at this unique metal sculpture for your home space, Made from quality metal, this set will remain in prim condition for years together. In a soothing oxidized silver hue, there are multiple bubble like structure on the head of each of the spikes inclined together to give shape to this metal sculpture. Each of these sculptures are attached to a acrylic base, that offers it good support, keep it as it on the side table beside the modern couch or as a centerpiece of display on the center table and it will add a whimsical touch.

Keep them together or on different tables, you can also showcase it inside a glass cabinet or above a book shelf and it will become the focal point. Indeed this set will get all the attention in your house and win you compliments from many. So, bring it home at the earliest.

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