• Stunning CKI Madame with Child Figurine

Child Figurine With Stunning CKI Madame

$38.02 $42.59



  • Dimensions: 17"h x 6.75"w x 4.75"
  • Perfect indoor-outdoor decor
  • Made from quality materials

The love of a mother and child is clearly depicted in this figurine. Made from quality materials this figurine will remain in prime condition for years together. The figurine features a female holding her child's hand. On a four stand flat antique brown pedestal, this mother and child figurine stands with pride. Make the figurine a part of your indoor decor by placing it on the side table or simply positioning it in any corner. If there are empty tabletops this figurine can be made to stand for a visual interest. Outdoors the figurine can be kept in the patio to make the place inviting for guests and visitors. Make it stand at the entrance of the garden or beside the fountain and it is sure to add life to the lifeless place. Regarding maintenance dusting it regularly with a dry cloth will keep it away from dust. A smart creation you just cannot overlook it.

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