• Classic Bardot Large Blue Stone Ceramic Vase

Classic Bardot Large Blue Stone Ceramic Vase

$34.25 $38.36



Ceramic vase with an antique look are the best pick if you want to add a traditional look for your home. This antique vase here is from Bardot, this is a large sized stone ceramic vase. Cylindrical in shape with small handles on both sides, this vase appears like an era. This vase is made up of clay and has a glaze finish. The base of the vase has a rustic finish that enhances it overall look. This vase can be incorporated in your living room, bedroom and kitchen interior. Place it on kitchen platform, corner table, side table r on floor. This vase can be turned into flower vase where in you can decorate it with your favorite?s flowers. This vase can be placed on floor at the main door entrance for that earthy feel. If you liked the color and design of this vase, you must hurry!


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