• Classic Callum Large Rope Vase

Classic Callum Large Rope Vase

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Add a touch of elegance; by bring home this beautiful and classic designed ceramic vase with a rope. This vase is in shape of a money bag used during medieval time. This artistically crafted vase, in white with a glossy finish and a rope around adds to its chic appearance. Add to the appeal of your home decor by placing this vase at the entryway console table or living room mantel. Keep it as it is or adorn it fresh and colorful or artificial flower and see it ispread serenity around. Friends and relatives are sure to envy you for your absolute sense of home decor and would ask you for suggestions.Maintaining this vase should not be task for you. Wipe it off with a soft dry or damp cloth at regular intervals to avoid dust formation on it and to keep its shine intact.

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