• Classic MDF Seashell Shadow Box ? 2 Assorted

Classic MDF Seashell Shadow Box 2 Assorted

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Stunning in every way, this assorted set of two seashell; shadow box.are certainly not worth overlooking. If you love shells, you must bring home these shadow box.and give a new meaning to plain walls and pale tabletops. One of the box.has a natural wooden colored frame whole the other has a white one. In four sections, the shells look adorable inside the box. So creatively made, it ishows the efforts put in the making of these box. These box.are ideal for homes with a nautical theme. You can also gift it to close ones who wish to o offer their home a marine touch. Light in weight, you can keep changing its place according to your need and convenience. Sting all home themes; you need not think twice before bringing these box.home. So, when are you bringing these shadow box.

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