• Classy Abydos Medium Vase

Classy Abydos Medium Vase

$39.05 $43.74



  • Dimensions: 11.75"h x 7.25"
  • Material: terracotta
  • Must have home decor
Have you been looking for a smart vase for some time now? Then end your search with this medium Abydos vase. A peculiar vase in a soothing color it is certainly a treat to every art lover?s eyes. Constructed of terracotta it ensures durability. This vase has a broad base and a narrow mouth. The stunning reactive glaze and the fluid lines in a soothing sky blue give it a chic look. Add it to any table shelf wall ledge or simply display it inside a glass cabinet and it will make visitors spare a moment to gaze. Simple in looks you can pair it with other tall vases of the same kind or make it stand individually. Light in weight you can keep changing the position of the vase from time to time according to your need and convenience. Dusting it or wiping it with a dry cloth will keep it free from dirt. Find it worth investing bring it home or present it as a gift to your near and dear ones.

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