• Classy Beth Kushnick Globe Bookends - Set of 2

Classy Beth Kushnick Globe Bookends - Set of 2

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Bookends are a classy way to arrange your books and give your bookshelf an organized look. This stylish bookend here is a set of two bookends that look alike. These globe shaped bookends are made from quality wood. On an L shaped frame there are round small globes that are dyed in golden hues and have a shinny finish. These globes have proper geometric marking on them making it easy to read and understand. This globe rotates as well. The bookends are made up of quality material and have great finish hence they are going to last for years to come. Such a gorgeous set you can gift to your friend, relative or colleague. You can even recommend it to people who liked it. This bookend will certainly assist you in organizing your books in stylish manner. Liked it then get it home!

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