• Classy PP Plastic Square Bead Copper Charger

Classy PP Plastic Square Bead Copper Charger

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This gorgeous charger in square shape is something that you would love to adorn on the wall or simply display on tabletops and countertops. Made from good quality materials, it will stay in pristine condition for many years. This charger is square in shape and is washed in copper. The amazing beadwork at the border makes this a unique one to own. This charger can be hanged on the wall or kept as it is one a y side table of your choice. Friends and others visiting will go wow looking at it and will appreciate you for bringing it home..

Light in weight it is easy to carry from one place to another. Regarding maintenance you need to wipe it with a dry cloth at frequent intervals to retain its new like look. So, bring it home or gift it to friends who would love owning it!

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