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Classy T-Light Holder - Clear

$24.04 $26.93



Bring home some soft gleam with this graceful light candle holder. It has got adorable white crystal patterned bowl shape base. The base is complemented with equally beautiful metallic designer rim; this is one stand-alone piece of decorative which will look fabulous on your center table, accent table, or even on dining table. Light candle in this light holder and have a calm dinner in the evening. This light holder emits a perfect soothing light for the surrounding. It is one charming piece of decorative for any room with its clear bases this decorative light holder emits soft and gentle light for the eve.Bring this exclusive designer light holder home today it is easy to maintain and all it needs is a clean wipe with a dry cloth at regular intervals and nothing more. You can buy this stunning light holder for your place or you can even suggest it to someone who is looking for similar kind of decorative for their home. So hurry up and bring this fantastic light holder home today!

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