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  • Colorful and Grand Bonaparte Rooster

Colorful and Grand Bonaparte Rooster

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Get 15% Off on STORE PICKUP


If you aren't one from the older generation, or one from a rural area, who once got up at the call of a rooster then you might just fancy this cool ceramic rooster. This rooster won?t give the call but it will give an almost authentic feel of a real rooster. With Italian influence and rustic charm, this Bonaparte rooster features warm red, butternut and green glazes over a cutwork ceramic body. Perfect for the living room, it will surely remind you of the open rural life this has almost become a thing of the past.

People will be impressed by it and it is sure to start conversations. Fairly large, this rooster can be kept in an empty space and it will instill that space with color and life. Can it also make a great addition to your children?s bedroom. Indeed, it is an ultra cool creation worth spending on.


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