• Colorful and Rare Set of 4 Enchanted Owls

Colorful and Rare Set of 4 Enchanted Owls

$30.08 $60.84



  • Dimension:3 (L) X 4 (W) X 5 (H) inch
  • Material Used:Ceramic
  • Brand:IMAX

  • Do you want to add to your decor a surprise element? Want you decor to be lively and bubbly because of the particular items that you display? Well, with the Set of 4 Enchanted owls something similar can be achieved. This family of four owls will add a whimsical and colorful touch to any decor. In four colors this set is sure to be a favorite. Keep these owls dispersed around your room, or place them together as a family; either way they will garner everybody?s attention.

    They will surely make the guests smile, and appreciate your effort of making your decor more lively and eye-catching. Also, these owls have been made using quality materials; this ensures that they will last for years to come. Indeed, their expressions are such that guests will smile ear to ear and feel a delight that is rare.

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