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  • IMAX Cool Cassiodorus Book Box Collection (Set of 6)

IMAX Cool Cassiodorus Book Box Collection (Set of 6)

$100.00 $112.00

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  • Dimensions: 8.25-10.5"h x 6-8.25"w x 2-2.75"
  • Material: MDF
  • Assorted

Well are you searching for storage space that is ingeniously designed? Want a storage space that comes in a book box collection? Well, this Cassiodorus Book Box Collection is a wonderful way to add that space. This set includes three small book boxes and three large book boxes. Perfect for keeping stuff from your bedroom that is personal to you and that you cherish; these boxes will give the impression that they are books, but they indeed are boxes for storage.

Made using quality materials, these boxes are sure to last for years to come. All who see them placed in your bedroom will be tricked into thinking them as books, but that is the precise effect they intend to have. Indeed, they are an ingenious way to add storage space to your room. So don?t wait around; get them and see your room transform.

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