• Customary Styled 12' Hammock Steel Stand by Alogma

Customary Styled 12' Hammock Steel Stand by Algoma

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  • This 12' Hammock stand measures 154"L x 36"W x 45"H
  • Weight: 42.0 lbs
  • Beige powder coated finish

Get this hammock stand which is crafted of durable steel and has a beige powder finish. This stand can be added to the outside or inside of your dwelling by hanging a hammock to it. Hammocks help you rest on it comfortably and if you wish to spend your holiday in a pleasant way, you will definitely get this hammock. The stand is rust and weather resistant and thus will remain in good condition for years together.

The stand includes a chain and two hooks to hook up the hammock. By hooking a hammock in this stand a person can very easily rest on it. Choose to add this stand in the lawn in the front of your house or backyard. You are sure to get praises from friends and other relatives for getting this stand home. So, do not waste time and get this soon as it?s worth owning.

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