• Cute Fetch Dog Statuaries - Assorted 2

Cute Fetch Dog Statuaries - Assorted 2

$73.04 $81.81



Dog lovers just cannot overlook these cute dog statuaries. Made from good quality materials these figurines will stay in good condition for a long time. Similar in looks and size, one of the figurine is washed in white whereas the other in black. The engraving done on it, gives it a new look. Keep both the figurines on the side of the entrance to welcome guests. Another smart option would be to keep both in any corner of the living room or on your favorite side table. Guests and other friends will go wow at the sight of these figurines and will appreciate your choice.From getting it for your house, you can also gift it to your dog lover friends. They would love it and will thank you for your gifting gesture. Easy to clean and maintain, wipe it with a dry cloth at frequent intervals to keep these from dust formation.


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