• Cute looking Blue Ceramic Fish

Cute looking Blue Ceramic Fish

$36.22 $40.57



  • This blue ceramic fish measure 7.5 inch (width) x4 inch (D) x10 inch (H)
  • Blue ceramic fish with lovely scales
  • Used as a piece of art

Bring home a lovely home decor and make it look ravishing. The blue ceramic fish with scales indeed looks appealing and proves to be a perfect home decor. The soothing face of the fish is so very pleasing that it can cheer up moods. The sweet looking fish made of ceramic can be kept anywhere i.e. indoors and outdoors. Fishes always teach us to lead life easily and calmly and this fish too symbolizes the same. The showpiece itself states that quite well.

The color of this showpiece too is something very different on the whole this fish piece is one of its kinds and if kept in homes can add a charm and beauty. Apart from keeping it as a showpiece in your homes, you can present it as a gift. Fishes are presumed to be lucky and hence you can gift this lovely piece of art to anyone you like.


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