• Cute PS Sheep

Cute PS Sheep

$30.02 $33.63




With a cute face and rough body texture, this sheep figurine will be an exceptional inclusion in your garden or farm area. Well constructed from good quality materials, this figurine will be in prim condition for a long time. You can keep it anywhere you wish to indoor or outdoor and it will certainly put up a smile on the face of your visitors and friends visiting you. Also, relocating this sheep figurine is easy and can be done according to your need and convenience. In a beige color, the body of the sheep features a rough texture.

Countryside flair is what this sheep figurine will offer to your indoor-outdoor space the moment you make some space for it. This sheep can also be kept in the farm area if you own one. It will undoubtedly make that space entertaining. So, delay no more, if you like this sheep figurine, bring it today at once


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