• Cyprus Seagrass Baskets - Set of 3

Cyprus Seagrass Baskets - Set of 3

$102.46 $114.76



Excellent quality and handy by nature this basket set will be exclusive addition to your home. These baskets are styled similar manner but in different size. In small, medium and large size these baskets look stunning and are useful by nature. These baskets are cylindrical in shape with handles opposite sides. Woven from sea grass material, these baskets are dyed in natural brown and blue shades. These baskets have braided design which offers texture to it. These baskets available in this set are of different size hence can be used for different purposes. These baskets are handy and will last for years. You can keep magazines, novel and study material in this basket. You can convert it into laundry basket. These baskets can be taken along when going out for picnic or outing. Want to see these baskets at your home, get hold of it.

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