• Delightful Elysee Patchwork Rug Rect by VHC Brands

Delightful Elysee Patchwork Rug Rect by VHC Brands

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Anything that is uniquely designed attracts attention. This rug is no different. The Elysee patchwork rug in a rectangular shape is one distinctive creation. With unique and simple patterns in patches of various sizes, this rug has the use of only black and white colors. Its medium size will make it perfect for a living room or any other midsized room. It is also simple in design, meaning it will create a very simple impression that none the less will be appealing.

Also, this rug has been made using quality materials. Hence it will last in tiptop condition for years to come. Its comfort level will surprise all. Also, it can be made into a great gifting item. So what are you waiting for? Get this unique rug, and add distinctness to your decor.

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