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  • IMAX Designer Carpacia Coral Bowl (Set of 2)

IMAX Designer Carpacia Coral Bowl (Set of 2)

$95.50 $106.96

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  • Dimensions: 5.25-6.25"h x 12.25-15.75"w x 12.25-15.75"
  • Material: Resin
  • Coral Inspired Home decor Addition

Do you like to adorn your house with the beautiful theme? Have you ever thought of Coastal inspired theme? Not yet then why not try this time? For a coastal inspired theme, you need to get the best decor items that suit the theme. This one available here is this set of two Carpacia coral bowl. Made from resin and dyed in orange/brown hues this coral shape bowl set is just perfect for the coastal inspired theme. This bowl can also be used for storage along with decorative purpose. These coral bowls are so unique that even if you?re not planning for coastal inspired decor theme this bowl can still be a part of any home interiors. Place it on a center of any table you can rest on wall shelves or you can keep it on a side table. It can also be added to your kitchen decor. It is worth owning.

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