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  • Dilbeek Pet Sofa, Carved Creation by D-Art

Dilbeek Pet Sofa, Carved Creation by D-Art

$197.05 $268.14

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    Make a classy habitat for your pet inside your home with this chic and relaxing pet sofa creation, tenderly crafted by skilled artisans. Etched from the kiln-dried solid mahogany wood and adorned with self-warming fabric material, this super-soft cozy entity happens to be truly exceptional. Measuring 35.5 inches in width, 21 inches in depth and 17 inches in height, this charming lounge comforter serves as an ultimate spot for snuggling with your dog or cat. Attractive as well as durable, this useful pet accessory maintains the hygiene at your abode and keeps the parasites away. Easy to clean and simple to care, this warm and fluffy handiwork looks gorgeous as well. Intricately designed and nobly shaped, this tempting little artifact would not only pleasure your cute creature but cheer up the whole ambience. Perfect for every season of the year, be it winter or summer, this stylish pet sofa makes an awesome gift for passionate pet lovers.

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