• Durable Metal Easel Copper Set Of 3

Durable Metal Easel Copper Set Of 3

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Let your little one go creative as you keep a small canvas on the tallest among the three easels at home to create his artwork. This set of three easels is ideal to be kept on any tabletops. Similar in looks but different in size, these easels in shiny copper is sure to steal the show in your house in no time. Not occupying much space, you can accommodate all three on a single table or different ones in your living room, bedroom or even workplace. These easels can be used just as decor or as a stand for supporting your photo frames. Indeed these easels will give a boost to the countertops and make them noticeable in your home sweet home

You can also keep these easels inside the shelves, on your book shelf or on the wall ledge. Light in weight and easy to maintain, gifting these easels to close ones on special occasions too is a great idea. So, are you bringing it home?

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